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Frequently asked questions.

Be aware that there are two terminals in Barcelona. The train leaves you at T2, and then you need to take a free bus which may take 10 minutes to get there. Check the map.

There are two possible options by train:

1) If you have plenty of time take a train to Barcelona getting off at Passeig de Gràcia. On the same platform wait for the train to the Airport. Check the time tables here. Set Origen to Girona, Destination Aeroport.

2) Fast train to Barcelona Sants, and then a taxi. Handy if your terminal is T1 and you are a family with plenty of luggage. This is the link, you need to fill the form: Girona and Barcelona Sants as destinations.

Of course you can take a fast train to Sants and then the train to Airport.

Some times although not very often trains are delayed and you  may have a heart attack waiting for one. Take a taxi at the train station, around 100 euros.

Or by bus, it is handy as you forget transfers etc and it leaves you right at the spot. There aren't so many buses, but you may be lucky. Timetable here.

It's not easy to find the timetables of the trains to Barcelons. There are two lines:

- normal trains (MD) take 1h 15 min. Slower trains (R) 1h 30 min. If you want to visit Barcelona get of at Passeig de Gràcia. From there you can walk down to Les Rambles and Barri Gòtic etc. Check the link with the tametibles. On the return make sure not to take a train that goes by the coast. Last train is not later than 9pm, check well the timetable. Beware of thieves in the metro, sometimes they work in group. One clashes on you and the others cleans you up.

- fast trains take 30 min and use dedicated train line. Price vary from 11 euros if you are very lucky to 16 and more. They should be more reliable if you need to take a plane that day. This is the link, you need to fill the form: Girona and Barcelona Sants. From Barcelona Sants take the metro to Passeig the Gràcia- which often makes the journey as long as with the normal trains.

If you are in a low budget try blablacar.


Girona is a safe city. Myself I haven't had any problem with the car, but once a customer got robbed. As once in 10 years is a low rate, you may take the risk, just don't leave anything visible in the car.

If for any reason you prefer paying for a secure parking, here are the options:

Parking Eiximenis is the closest to the appartment, but doesn't open 24h a day.

Parking Plaça Catalunya open 24h a day and it's about 10 minutes walk.

Have a look at my map with their location.

Girona is a reasonably safe city, so usually there is no need for payed parkings. Of course in high season there are more chances to be unlucky, and in any case don't blame on me if anything happens :).

Don't leave anything on the view inside the car, not even a bag, especially if you have a brand new rented car. But again I have lived in Girona for ten years and never had any problem.

If you decide to leave your car overnight you  may try:

- have a look at Google at the search 'Parking Girona' or here

- parking Eixmenis. About 20€ per night.

We have a craddle available for babies. Please leave a note when you make the booking. The fee is 5€/night.

Tenemos una cuna para niño, a 5€/noche. Reservadla cuando reservéis el piso.

You don't really know if you will stay in Girona, and just want to decide it on the spot? Well, we also take bookings for the same day. But the apartment may be already booked! Contact us on the telephone, see details here.

We usually don't take 1-2 nights stay as that would prevent longer bookings. However, if you are coming or leaving immediately after or before another booking (e.g. you arrive on monday, and another booking leaves on monday, or you leave on friday, when another booking arrives) we'll be glad to take the booking, but an additional fee of 40€ will be charged. Check the calendar.

Normalmente no aceptamos reservas para sólo 1 o 2 noches, puesto que nos impediría conseguir otras para más duración. De todas formas, si vuestra reserva coincide en llegada o salida con las fechas de otra ya hecha (vosotros llegais justo el dia de salida de otra o al revés), gustosamente aceptaremos la reserva con un pequeño cargo de 40€ para los gastos de limpieza

Gustosamente aceptamos reservas para temporadas largas, especialmente durante temporada baja. Contactad con nosotros con las fechas para acordar el precio.

If you are renting bikes during your stay, the best advice is to rent a place in a parking nearby, just 2 minutes walk. The parking is garded and bikes will be locked just in front of the gardian. So it will be very safe, but the owners of the parking make sure you know the following rules:

  • you must bring your own lockes
  • insurance doesn't cover thefts. Althought this may sound a bit scaring, I have to say that I have checked it myself and the parking is absolutely safe, plus bikes are locked just in front of the security guard, who is permanently there.

Some guests have already rented this place and they all are happy about it. Also, rates are very reasonable- about 10 € per bike (any number of nights).

The parking is 5 minutes walk away. See the map in a new window here.


Si vais a alquilar bicis durante vuestra estanci, es aconsejable alquilar también un parking, a 2 minutos andando. El parquing está vigilado, pero por seguridad se os pide:

  • debéis llevar vuestros propios candados
  • el seguro del parquing no cubre las bicis.

Algunos visitantes ya han usado este parquing con muy buenos resultados. Las tarifas son muy económicas, unos 10€ por bici (por todo el período). Ved el mapa con el parquing aquí.

If you have arrived by train from Barcelona or by bus from the airport, you will be in the train/bus station. You may:

  • take a cab, that will leave you in front of the door in 10 minutes.
  • or you may have a pleasant walk, 10-15 minutes. The general direction is to 'Les Rambles'. First, from  the train station walk down to  carretera de Barcelona, a busy motorway (won't be long). Cross this motorway and take left on this road to Placa Marques de Camps. Keep walking on the same pavement through the square. The pavement now goes right to Avinguda Jaume I. You need to cross the Avenue to carrer nou, which is a commercial street. No more cars from here on!. Walk all along carrer Nou, follow straight across the bridge and then turn left: Les Rambles. Walk in all the way. At the very end, the street goes right and then there is a crossroad. The road on your left is Ballesteries. Walk left and in 100 m you'll find a stone fountain on the other side of the street. The door is on the left of the bar "La terra". To check-in, just follow the instructions you received by email.

Desde la estación de tren y autobús:

  • podéis tomar un taxi, que os dejará delante del piso en 10 minutos.

O andando. tendréis que andar en dirección 'Les Rambles'. Salid de la estación hacia la plaza y después recto hasta la 'carretera de Barcelona'. Cruzadla, y después seguid por la acera hacia la izquierda hasta que lleguéis a una plaza, la Placa Marquès de Camps. Siguiendo la acera hacia la derecha de esta plaza, cruzad la avenida Jaume I y seguid recto por el C. Nou. Cruzad después el puente sobre el Onyar, y girad a la izquierda: estáis en las rambles. (A los pocos metros hay un servicio de información con guías etc). Seguid por las ramblas hasta el final. Ahí la calle va a la derecha; la seguís, y tomáis la primera a la izquierda. Es la c. Ballesteries. A unos 50 m, enfrente de una fuente de piedra, hay un Bar 'La terra', y un cartel anunciado 'Espai de ioga'.  Esa es la puerta de entrada al bloque de pisos. A partir de ahí para hacer el check-in seguid las instrucciones que os habrán llegado por email.

No. Las casas del Barri Vell no lo suelen tener, porque hay muchas tiendas y bares. Hay aparcamiento gratuito a 5 minutos andando. Ved la zona en el  aquí.

A taxi from the aiport will cost you 30-40 euros, and should leave you in front of the door. Our experience shows however that often they don't know the location and only follow the gps, leaving their customers some 50-100 meters away. Our apartment is just on the left of 'Bar La Terra'. If you are left alone and lost, just ask for this bar. Most people know it.

Un taxi desde el aeropuerto vale de 30 a 40 euros, y os puede dejar en frente de la puerte. Sin embargo a menudo los conductores se confunden con el gps y dejan a los clientes en cualquier sitio, más o menos cerca de la dirección. En ese caso, sólo tenéis que preguntar por el bar 'La Terra'. El apartamento  está justo al lado, y todo el mundo conoce ese bar.

The entrance to the Barri Vell is permitted only three times. That means leaving and collecting luggage, plus one extra entrance. The car restriction enhances the quality of life of people in Girona. You have two choices:

  • if you don't have a heavy luggage I would recommend you to park outside Barri Vell. It's just a 5 minutes walk, and it's much less prone to mistakes. You may park in the blue areas of the map below.
  • if you really need to get to the entrance by car,see the map below. First get to Plaça Catalunya (car icon in the map), which is the only entrance to the Old Town ( choose it as destination, see for instance the route from Barcelona). When you arrive to Plaça Catalunya, drive ahead to Barri Vell (you will see a sign warning entrance restricted), then Plaça del Vi, Carrer Ciutadans, turn left (take care not to follow straight), and then after another turn you get to carrer Ballesteries. Just 50 meters ahead, on the left side, there is a Bar called 'La Terra'. The apartments' door is on the left. You may call me at the buzzer 'Espai de ioga', or just open the doors with the instructions you were given. You may park on the side for a few minutes, but don't leave it unattended (police don't like that procedure). Keep in mind the buses keep driving through and they will make you leave. Later, drive ahead to the parkings sites 1 and 2. We are sorry for these inconvenients, but we are sure you will certainly appreciate the confort of living in a car restriced area.

See the map and icons in a new window

Sólo está permitido entrar 3 veces en el Barri Vell: para dejar y recoger el equipaje, y una extra. Estas restricciones están en beneficio de la calidad de vida de la gente. Tenéis dos opciones:

  • si no llevais equipaje pesado, os recomiendo que aparquéis fuera del Barri Vell. Está a 5 minutos andando, y os será mucho más fácil. Podéis aparcar en las áreas marcadas en azul en el mapa más abajo.
  • si realmente necesitais entrar en coche, seguid el mapa más abajo. En primer lugar debéis llegar a la Plaça de Catalunya (icono del coche en el mapa), que es la única entrada al Barri Vell. (podéis ponerla como destino del vuestro viaje y os dará la ruta, ved este ejemplo desde Barcelona) Cuando lleguéis a Plaça de Catalunya, seguid recto hacia el Barri Vell (veréis una señal de entrada restringida), y seguid hacia la Plaça del Vi, el Carrer Ciutadans, (ahí girad a la izquierda), seguid el camino hacia la derecha otra vez hasta llegar, unos 50 metros más adelanta, al carrer Ballesteries. Al lado izquierdo hay el bar 'La Terra'. La puerta del apartamento es a la izquierda. Podéis llamarme al botón 'Espai de ioga', o bien abrir las puertas siguiendo las instrucciones enviades por email. Podéis aparcar sobre la acera durante 5 minutos para descargar, pero no dejéis el coche solo: la policia suele ser estricta. Despúes, continuad hacia delante y llegaréis al Parking 1 y 2 del mapa. Pensad que los inconvenientes de no poder aparcar delante en la llegada se verán recompensados por una estancia tranquila en un barrio prácticamente peatonal.


Ved mapa e iconos en una nueva ventana

The apartment is in the centre of the Old Town. The full address is:

RiverSide A:
c. Ballesteries, 23, 3r Left
17004 Girona

RiverSide B:
c. Ballesteries, 23, 2n
17004 Girona

El apartamento está en el centro del Barri Vell. La dirección completa es:

RiverSide A:
c. Ballesteries, 23, 3r Izquierda
17004 Girona


Old town Nest

c. Ballesteries, 23, 3r Derecha
17004 Girona


RiverSide B:
c. Ballesteries, 23, 2n
17004 Girona